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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Flight Academy’s Mission?

NFA inspires, engages and educates by delivering uniquely innovative, fully immersive, aviation-inspired Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) learning experiences and 21st Century Learning Skills.

When does the Program begin?

Our Summer Deployments start every Sunday on a weekly basis from May 26th through August 11th with check-in occurring from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM.

How do I sign up for the AMBITION Program?

Online registration for our 2019 Cruises and Summer Deployments are available here.

What ages are eligible to attend?

The Deployment Program is an in-residence educational experience offered to students entering grades 7 through 12. The three-day Cruise Program is offered to students in grades 5 through 12.

How long is the AMBITION Program?

Our summer Deployment program is five- and one-half days and five nights spent at our facility. NFA offers three-day Cruise programs throughout the academic year, usually occurring over holiday and spring breaks.

Where is the facility located?

The National Flight Academy’s in-residence program is offered on our virtual aircraft carrier, AMBITION, located adjacent to the National Naval Aviation Museum on Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida.

What is the National Flight Academy’s relationship to the Navy and military?

The National Flight Academy, a program of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, Inc., is authorized but not endorsed or funded by the US Navy or the US Government.

What is the National Flight Academy’s relationship to the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation and the National Naval Aviation Museum?

The National Flight Academy is a self-supporting Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) under the 501(c) 3 non-profit Naval Aviation Museum Foundation. The Foundation also directly supports the National Naval Aviation Museum.

How much is tuition?

Tuition for the five- and one-half-day Deployment program is $1,700. Pricing for the three-day Cruise program is $475. Additional program options may be available; inquiries regarding these options may be made by calling 850-458-7836.

Are there scholarship and grant opportunities for interested AXPs?

The National Flight Academy does not currently offer any scholarship or grant opportunities for interested AXPs. The National Flight Academy relies on the generosity of donors to make this engaging experience possible. To sponsor a student or group of students, please contact our Client Relations Director, Stephanie Pugh, at or 850-308-8934.

How can I support the National Flight Academy?

Charitable contributions to the National Flight Academy support virtually every aspect of the National Flight Academy’s mission. To donate, please contact Stephanie Pugh, at or 850-453-2389

Can students earn flight hours through completion of the AMBITION program?

While students will be introduced to a wide variety of aviation and STEM-related career possibilities through the AMBITION program, they do not earn flight hours through the completion of this program.

What is the National Flight Academy’s policy on cancellations and transfers?

Cancelation Policy Click Here

Are persons with disabilities able to attend?

Yes; the facility is fully designed in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Is the educational content accredited and does it count towards high school or college credit?

The exciting and innovative academic program does not currently count towards high school or college credit.

Is the National Flight Academy a military academy or flight school?

Although located on Naval Air Station Pensacola and utilizing Naval Aviation as a motivating theme and educational delivery method, the National Flight Academy is not a military academy or flight school. It is, however, a formal educational venture and will, as its mission states, inspire and educate youth in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Are the National Flight Academy Programs accredited through the American Camp Association (ACA)?

Yes, the programs are currently accredited through the American Camp Association. ACA ensures a safe and effective camp operation. Their review comprehensively covers all aspects of camp operations including severe weather plans, health services, staff vetting, staff training, food service, and facility infrastructure. More information can be found at the American Camp Association website,

What can family members of attending AXPs do in the Pensacola area?

During the week their child is enrolled in a Deployment Program, parents will have the opportunity to explore the sites and delights of Pensacola, the 450-year old City of Five Flags and the Gulf Coast. Fine dining, museums–including the National Naval Aviation Museum– outdoor adventure and 52 miles of pristine beaches make Pensacola and the Gulf Coast a wonderful family vacation destination.

Why the National Flight Academy?

Statistics prove the skills of American students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are declining in relation to students from other industrialized nations. Ignorance of STEM concepts inhibits the talent development required to lead in the technology-rich twenty-first century. In order to address this challenge, we must first inspire our youth’s interest in science and math related fields. The National Flight Academy accomplishes this by using the intrinsic motivation of flight! The National Flight Academy team currently includes the best and brightest from the academic arena as well as the latest technology in the fields of simulation, training, and education all incorporated into an intriguing, immersive story. This immersive environment, coupled with the most innovative methods in instruction, will foster a desire to learn and pursue the math and sciences that open the doors which lead to the careers of tomorrow.

What makes up the curriculum or educational program?

The curriculum includes aerodynamics, survival skills, navigation, aviation physiology and meteorology. However, the National Flight Academy is more than just academics. A fully immersive gaming environment is used for students to participate in exciting missions. Each mission is aligned to the National Common Core Standards for Math and Science. An additional area of focus is 21st Century Core Competencies, to emphasize essential skills such as collaboration communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

What kind of staff support the National Flight Academy?

The NFA staff includes full-time, part-time and contract positions consisting of program management, operations, facility management, educational facilitators, and professionally certified and experienced educators.

What about the security and well-being of my child?

Full-time, 24/7 physical and electronic security are provided throughout the facility when programs are in session. Access to the National Flight Academy facility, especially the berthing and academic floors, is monitored and closely controlled by proximity card readers. AMBITION eXperimental Pilots (AXPs) are issued hotel-room like keys that allow access to their berthing areas, assigned staterooms, and work spaces. During program hours, each squadron of AXPs is assigned a full-time staff “Chief”. Outside of those hours, overnight staff resident assistants, healthcare professionals, and trained security personnel are on-site. Security cameras monitor common areas and all hallways. A fully qualified nursing staff led by an RN oversees a five-bunk sickbay on-site, along with storage and administration of specialized medications. Safety and medical care are based on requirements set forth by the American Camping Association.