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Touch & Go Experience

The NFA now offers a unique Touch & Go Experience for adults aged 18+, utilizing the NFA’s X-12B Triad experimental aircraft to encourage social interaction and friendly competition. The X-12B Triad is a virtual aircraft like no other. It flies at Mach 2.5 and hovers like a Harrier.

Guests will have the opportunity to experience life as AMBITION eXperimental Pilots (AXPs) as they are grouped into squadrons and competitively fly the X-12B Triad through an obstacle course and race back to the virtual aircraft carrier AMBITION. While one squadron is testing their aviation skills, another squadron will simulate life as Aviation Maintenance Technicians and participate in an engine replacement contest using virtual reality.

Cost per person for a three-hour Touch & Go Experience starts at $50 per person. Other amenities, such as breakfast and/or lunch, an aviator souvenir package or U.S. Navy Blue Angels Rooftop Viewing Packages may be incorporated into your program for an additional fee. A minimum of 10 participants is required to schedule this program. This program takes place over three hours and may be scheduled Monday-Sunday during the academic year from mid-August to late-April. Full day offerings, scalable from four-eight hours, are available upon request.

To book a Touch & Go Experience, please contact Program Manager, Nina Mathias, at or 850-308-8949.