Job Opportunities


How to Apply

  • Please provide a cover letter and send resumes to
  • Include the job title in your subject line.
  • No phone calls please. 

Applicants must: 

  • Be at least 19 years old. 
  • Pass a level two background screening. 
  • Have a state issued driver’s license or ID card. 


AM and PM Chiefs will lead their assigned squadron through the daily portions of the program schedule. These activities will include off-ship excursions (field trips), small and large group team building exercises, assisting the facilitators with mission instruction, flight planning exercises, and the execution of planned missions. Weekend Chiefs will be responsible for weekly preparation, check in, graduation setup and teardown, and final clean up each week. They will also mentor/counsel early and late arrivals as assigned and help manage transportation. Read More

Resident Associate 

Acting as “Fire Watch,” the RAs are responsible for enforcing lights-out, ensuring the students are remaining quite and in their rooms throughout the night, and are onsite for any emergencies. They are required to do a walkthrough every 15 minutes. We allow RA’s to bring in books and laptops, but are required to stay awake and stay alert. Read More

Joint Operations Center Facilitator 

The JOC Facilitators will serve as the Operations Officer in simulated mission settings for the National Flight Academy (NFA). This position will require roleplay as a US Naval Operations Officer (OpsO) in the Joint Operations Center (JOC). The OpsO will be responsible for preflight briefs, overseeing each simulated mission in real time, and other duties as assigned. Read More

Joint Intelligence Center Facilitator 

The Facilitators will serve as a lead instructor in a classroom setting for the National Flight Academy (NFA). This position will require roleplay as a US Naval Intelligence Officer (IO) in the Joint Intelligence Center (JIC). The IO will be responsible for the presentation of the classroom portion of each mission to include mission and flight planning and other duties as assigned. The IO will work with an average of 36 students in 3 rotations of 12 students several times a day. The IO will give a brief lecture on the topic of the mission and bound a specific problem or mission for the students to solve or plan for. The remainder of each rotation will be utilized to assist the students in completing the assigned tasks at the group and individual level. Read More

Hangar Bay Technician 

The Hangar Bay Tech will be responsible the operation of the multiplayer and communications server, as well as monitoring the multiplayer sessions. They will also be responsible for second-line maintenance, such as the replacing of the throttle and joystick in the simulators. They will act as supervisors to the Hanger Bay Chiefs. Any high-level maintenance will be referred to NFA’s IT Department. Read More

Hangar Bay Chief 

The Hangar Bay Chief is responsible for loading the simulators onto the multiplayer sessions, making sure the communications are activated, and setting up the monitors and MFCD. They are also responsible for assisting the Chiefs with assisting their students in flying the simulators. They will also handle first-line maintenance such as calibrating touch-screens and replacing broken headsets. Any issues outside of their expertise will be reported to the Hanger Bay Tech. Read More