The Youth & Scouting program is available to any organized youth group (i.e. Girl and Boy Scout Troops, Webelo Den 5, Explorer Posts, Church Youth Groups, JROTC, Girls Inc., EAA Ambassadors and American Heritage Girls, etc.).

There is a requirement of 36 registrants per weekend session, however; for smaller groups, multiple parties may make up the 36. More information upon registration.

The minimum is nine and the maximum age is 17. Upon arrival youth will be paired up with “Flight Partners” and then formed into Squadrons being paired by similar age bracket and also age based cabin assignment.

A ratio of one adult for every 10 youth is required. An adult is defined as 21 or older. There will be one male wing of the ship and one female wing of the ship (with no exceptions, chaperones included).

AXPs will check-in on Saturday at 1030. Departure time from the National Flight Academy is 1300 on Sunday. Each AXP will leave with a box lunch and one ticket to the Giant Screen Theater at the National Naval Aviation Museum.

$199 per person/$75 per chaperone
Minimum of one chaperone per 10 AXPs